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Preparing Your Horse for Jumping


Horse show jumping is among the most prominent equestrian disciplines accessible, and it is one of the most commonly contested equestrian sports in Australia. Riders have the opportunity to compete in a wide variety of competitions at several different levels. However, even though we are unable to promise that you will triumph in the upcoming show jumping competition, we are more than happy to share with you some of our strategies for successful preparation, outstanding performances, and hopefully an overall improvement in your show jumping ability.

Build up the self-assurance of your horse from an early age- It is imperative that you go at a steady and methodical pace whenever you are teaching a horse who has very limited experience in show jumping. The horse should also be wearing well-designed tack and equipment made with specially designed farrier tools. Before going on to taller jumps, you should spend some time cultivating your horse’s confidence and helping him become accustomed to approaching the obstacles. Train your horse to have more confidence when approaching jumps by maintaining a regular rhythm while you work with him. Your horse will be less stressed and more likely to avoid damage if you train him in this manner since he will be gradually exposed to the mindset of jumping rather than being thrown into the activity all at once.

Check to See That Your Form Is Accurate- Even though it is essential to give your horse the right training for show jumping, the most important thing you can do to improve your chances of winning is to make sure your form is accurate. When your horse jumps, you need to make sure that your torso and arms are in the ideal posture so that you can follow your horse into the air. This guarantees that the jump is finished with as little discomfort as possible. Your horse will be able to perform a jump to exceptionally high quality if you have the perfect form.

You Don’t Want to Put Too Much Pressure on Your Horse- During training, if you put too much pressure on your horse, it might hurt your chances of being successful in the show jumping arena. It is essential to train your horse gradually, even if this necessitates beginning with the most fundamental exercises since it is ideal to establish a training regimen that pushes and improves your horse.

It is important not to put undue pressure on your horse by asking him to perform jumps that he is not yet prepared for since this can lead to excessive stress and even damage to your horse. A single negative experience in show jumping may be tremendously detrimental to your horse, leading to a loss of trust and possibly even an irrational dread of participating in future competitions.

Before Attempting the Ride, You Should Walk the Course- This point is related to our first piece of advice, which is to be patient and begin building the confidence of your horse at an early age. You may accomplish this goal in many ways, one of which is to walk your horse all around the course before you ride it. This will not only assist you in mentally mapping out the route, but it will also assist you in warming up your horse.


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