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Must-Have Items for Your Skateboard Bag


Whether you’re planning to go skating all-day or just do some few tricks in the park, your adventure would never be complete without your trusted skateboard bag. It contains all of the essentials that you need for the day especially when you’re skateboarding. Your bag might be bulky with all those things but it is better to be ready than miss something out.

To help you pack completely, here are some of the must-have items you need to include in your skateboard bag.


You won’t know when your board might need some fixes or adjustments and it would be a huge hassle if this happens during your skate trip. Be prepared all the time by carrying a multi tool or a skate tool in your bag when your go for a skate. Aside from the convenience, you could also help some skaters who need some tools on the spot.

Extra Skate Parts

Aside from tools, you also need to have extra skate parts with you in your bag. Just in case some of your skateboard’s parts are missing or damaged and needs to be replaced, you don’t need to go running to a shop to look for the parts you need. Be sure to have the basic parts such as bearings, pivot cups, bushings, and other spare parts that are made for quality skateboards.

Skate Wax

There are times when some surfaces aren’t that smooth for your skateboard tricks. Make a ledge or any surface that feels a little sticky into something smoother and butterier by waxing it. Before applying, be sure to ask someone who is using that skating ledge if you could wax it or not. When storing skate wax, place it in a plastic bag so it doesn’t turn into a mess in your bag just in case it melts.


Injuries are a common part of skateboarding, whether you’re still a beginner or already a pro. In case you or one of your friends fall down and get injured, having a bandage ready can really help a lot to patch the wound up. You could also carry with you an ACE bandage just in case a wrist or ankle got twisted and needs compression.

Utility Knife

A utility knife has plenty of uses. Aside from cutting things, you could also use it when gripping a new deck. Be sure to have one in your bag a never forget to close it up after using to prevent cuts and tears on your bag and other items inside.


Aside from spare parts for your skateboard, it would also help a lot if you bring extra shoelaces in your skate bag. You’ll never know when your old shoelace could get damaged and it’s a lot convenient when you have one ready if you or your friend needs it.

Having a complete skate bag is an essential ingredient to make your skate trip convenient and more enjoyable. Be sure to pack everything you need before heading out.


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