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What to Wear When Working Out?


Whether you’re exercising at home or in the gym, there is a huge difference between the clothes you wear regularly and those that are perfect for exercising. Choosing the right clothing for exercise has a huge impact on your overall experience.

For instance, cotton clothing is a no-no for active times since it absorbs and holds moisture more, making it uncomfortable to wear for a longer time. However, clothes made from moisture-wicking materials are perfect since they keep you dry and comfortable no matter how much you sweat. Here are the basic things to remember when choosing what to wear when working out or exercising.

Go for Moisture-Wicking Materials

Never wear cotton clothing when exercising or being active. It absorbs moisture and holds it in; making you feel uneasy the longer you wear it while exercising. Aside from being uncomfortable, leaving your skin moist for a long time can lead to other problems such as chafing, rashes, and other issues. Cotton is also not good for regulating temperature as it can get too chilly in cold weather especially when it is soaked with sweat.

Moisture-wicking or sweat-wicking fabrics are the best to be worn while working out. They absorb sweat faster and pull it away from the skin into the outer part of the garment – keeping you dry and comfortable while exercising. It also helps keep your body temperature more regulated because your skin is kept dry most of the time. When shopping for active wear on sportswear store, always choose ones that are made from quality and moisture-wicking fabrics.

Synthetic vs. Wool Clothing

There are two popular types of moisture-wicking clothing – synthetic and wool clothing. Although they are good materials for active wear, these two have their own pros and cons.

Synthetic clothing is quick-drying than any other fabric out there. This is a perfect choice for those who will be and stay wet for a longer time. If you’re just planning to wear it while exercising, synthetic clothes is a great choice. However, this material tends to hold on bad odour that’s why it is important to change your outfit after working out.

Wool clothing is next to synthetic when it comes to drying up moisture. Most people know it only as a winter fabric but you can actually use it all year round. Wool is great in maintaining body temperature – keeping you warm on chilly days and keeps your heat regulated even on warm days. You can also choose from varying thickness of wool so there’s always a perfect one depending on the season.

Although both synthetic and wool clothing are perfect in wicking moisture, wool doesn’t dry up as synthetic fabric does. However, wool is naturally antimicrobial which means that it doesn’t catch and keep bad odour. If you’re planning to go out and be active in a day, wool active wear is a perfect choice for you.

Choosing the right material for your active wear plays a huge role in the comfort and your overall active experience.


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