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Choosing Between Inline and Quad Roller Skates


Roller skating is an immensely enjoyable activity and there are many options when it comes to choosing sakes. One of the main decisions you have to make when learning is to skate is choosing between quad and inline skates. There are unique features in both these types and it depends on your preferences and skating disciplines which one you can choose.

Inline skates are also known as rollerblades

And this has a line of wheels that are arranged in a single row along the length of your boot. You can find so many inline skates options when you check out Bayside Blades. The reason that skaters choose inline skates is because it has a streamlined design that will allow you to reach greater speeds and you will also be able to have a higher level of manoeuvrability. Speed skaters tend to use this along with urban skates and fitness enthusiasts. As larger contact with the ground is achieved with the wheel configuration of inline skates, you will have improved agility and speed. You can maintain precise control when it comes to certain manoeuvres such as jumps, turns and crossovers. These are also highly versatile and can suit a variety of skating disciplines. So whether you are into fitness skating, speed skating, hockey etc. these will be great for your skating style and they can also be used outdoors and indoors. These are great for use on a variety of surfaces.


Inline skates tend to offer less ankle support compared to the quad skates as the design is prioritizing range of movement and flexibility. This can be great for an experienced skater but if you are a beginner, it can be difficult to learn how to maintain your stability and balance if you start with inline skate. There are wheels with different levels of hardness and sizes when it comes to inline skates. You can reach greater speeds with larger wheels and it will also offer more smoothness when you are going over bumps on the terrain. If you prioritize manoeuvrability for doing tight turns and increased agility for tricks, it is best to choose smaller wheels. There are four wheels in quad roller skates and these are arranged in a rectangular configuration. There are two wheels at the back of the boot and two at the front. These are a traditional style of skates and they are associated with roller derby, recreational skating and artistic skating.

You can enjoy a higher level of stability

And balance with quad roller skates as they have a wider wheelbase. And the four wheel configuration will help distribute weight evenly across your feet so that you have a solid foundation to build your skating skills. These are great for beginners and they also offer sufficient ankle support. This support can go a long way towards preventing ankle injuries and if you are more prone to twisting your ankle, these boots will provide more stability. Artistic skates choose the quad skates option as it can offer more control and manoeuvrability.


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