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4 Simple Hacks to Get You Ready to Work Out At the Gym


Getting a work out and going to the gym to get fit and in shape is something that we must all do at some point in our lives. This can be very intimidating at first. Even if you work out regularly at a gym, you may feel that you are not getting 100% of the results you want. Good news is that getting fit in a gym is getting easier and convenient for everyone regardless of their personal fitness goals. The main factor to keep in mind is to develop effective and consistent work out habits to fit your everyday lifestyle so that you can keep on track and be fit and healthy.

Have a Realistic Gym Schedule

It will at first, be tempting to plan on going to the gym and working out every day of the week, perhaps hoping for faster results. However, this is not how our body works and this can quickly lead to burn out making you feel discouraged and when you don’t meet your own goal. Instead, it is more practical to decide how many days of the week you are able to realistically and comfortably make it to gym. This will be your starting point and you can train here today depending on when you decide to join. Maybe you can start with 2 days if you are new comer, then move on to every other day and gradually increase the frequency once you get used to the schedule.

Wearing Comfortable Work out Gear

It is also important to be comfortable when working out and this means that wearing comfortable and supportive clothes and shoes is crucial. You want to consider wearing clothes that make it easier for you to exercise in and won’t get in the way when you are exercising. It is best to go with clothing especially shirts that wick away sweat and shorts and leggings that don’t restrict any movement or your range of motion. Some popular materials that are used for gym wear are polyester, spandex or a cotton-polyester mix.

Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Make sure that you take a bottle of water to the gym as working out causes your body to lose a lot of water through profuse sweating. So in order replenish your body, drinking water during the breaks is important. Aim to consume at least 240 ml of water every 15 minutes during the workout routine. Dehydration can negatively affect your body and work out by causing cramps and dizziness along with weakening your muscles.

Warming Up And Down

Most people tend to overlook warming up before a workout and warming down after a workout. This is vital for your body to ensure you don’t injure yourself during and after workout. About 10-15 minutes of warming up will be sufficient to warm up including some active and dynamic movements that take your limbs on their specific range of motion. A dynamic warm helps your body get ready for a workout. Try not to limit yourself to the same movements and incorporate stretching and other forms of movement to get your body flexible and ready.



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